New EU-wide rules for cybersecurity on the way

New EU-wide rules for cybersecurity are on the way, after the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee has formally backed a range of new measures in this area. Designed to ensure that businesses supplying essential services are better equipped to resist a cyberattack, the measures are aimed to protect critical services and networks such as electricity networks, air traffic control systems as well as online banking.


“For the first time, EU-wide cyber-security rules have been introduced. They will bring many benefits for citizens and consumers by helping critical infrastructures such as energy, transport, health or banking to manage cyber security risks and report cyber security incidents. The Parliament has asked for this for years,” said Andreas Schwab MEP from the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee.


The measures are the first legislation of its kind proposed in the European Union and are in part due to the fact that European Union cybersecurity rules are highly fragmented and differ significantly across national boundaries. by defining a higher common level of security for network and information systems across each member state, the new directive sets out to end these differences.


“The result we have achieved is even more important in light of the current security situation in Europe and has shown that we can only be strong when we work together. It is in our common interest to make Europe the safest online space in the world,” concluded Andreas Schwab MEP.

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