FBI has accessed iPhone without Apple’s help

The US Justice Department has announced that it has found a way to unlock and access the data on the iPhone used by Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the San Bernardino shooters, without the help of Apple. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has availed of the technical services of an unknown third party, who came forward in the light of the publicity generated by the court filing.

In a press release last month, Apple explained its position and why it was refusing to comply with the court order. Its argument that by creating a new System Information File to allow the FBI to access Farook’s phone would put the security of every other iPhone at risk also, has been publicly supported by several major global internet, social media, and tech companies.

While a number of weeks ago, the Director of the FBI, James Comey, publicly argued that the case is not about setting a precedent, but about exhausting all possible leads in the search for justice for the victims of the San Bernadion massacre, government sources are now quiet. The method used to crack Farook’s iPhone is likely to be classified.

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