1 in 3 Irish law firms have experienced cyber attacks

A survey of Irish law firms has reported critical issues in dealing with cybersecurity. The Smith & Williamson survey of Irish law firms reported that one in five firms have experienced a cyber attack in the last year, rising to one in three of the country’s top 20 firms.

The wide-ranging annual survey also found that 80% of firms invested in their IT systems in the previous 12 months, and almost two thirds are planning on investment in the next 12 months. Interestingly, 14% of firms listed security concerns as the reason for their increased investment in IT, whereas  68% increased their investment in IT in order to achieve greater efficiencies.

A key section in the report advises:

The importance of up-to-date online security cannot be over emphasised and particular care should be taken if unsolicited emails are received requesting information about bank accounts.

Commenting on the report, Paul Wyse, Managing Director of Smith & Williamson Ireland, said that a “It is an area few are willing to speak openly about but I think it is an area every firm will have concerns about, especially with technology playing a larger role in the sector”.

The report in full can be accessed from Smith & Williamson’s website here: 4th Annual Survey of Irish Law Firms.

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