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Why Cyber Security Matters

The Internet, email, data storage and social media has transformed the world we all live in, making it easier to communicate and do business with each other. Borders and distances are no longer barriers to communication with increasing internet speeds and a near proliferation of wifi in the developed world.

Globally there are 10,000 cyber security attacks every hour.

The consequences of all of this means that anything connected to the internet can be compromised and the risk of attack is all around. Once the preserve of sophisticated and technologically advanced crime gangs, the proliferation of technology has perversely made it easier for cybercrime to take place, not harder.

The figures are stark – globally there are over 10,000 cyber security attacks every hour and experts estimate the value of the cybercrime economy to be over a trillion dollars per year.

The threat from cyber-crime continues to increase for businesses, organisations and individuals and despite the huge advances in cybersecurity, the challenge remains.

The Weakest Link? In Defence of the Human Factor

If you’ve ever had even the slightest interest in computers or hacking, there’s one phrase I’m sure you’ve heard before. Since the turn of the century, the cybersecurity industry has been awash with this slogan. From software developers to researchers, engineers, hackers, and journalists, everyone seems blame the ‘dumb users’ at every available opportunity. And […]